Garajİzmir strongly believes that when designing a project, the focus cannot be limited to who the client is today. Focal point should be who the client will be in the future. Clients tell us their dream project, then we offer the best design ideas to make it real.
How we work?
First of all, we analyze your dream project and expectations in details. To get the best results, we first must get to know you thoroughly. When  we identify your ideas, we can offer more creative and effective design solutions.
After researching the location and the space of the project, we begin by drawing up a general floor plan or a global sketch. We divide the spaces into zones, taking into account your projects  structures and characteristics. And we determine the required number of square meters . Only when the general plan is approved, we draw  the main floor plan which contains all the details.
To make you feel your dream project in real dimensions, we continue with the 3d drawings. While we are designing original concepts ,we consider other  main units of substructure such as ventilation, acoustics, mechanics. After your confirmation of these 3d visuals, we prepare the required technical drawings for the application and convey them to skilled workers.

Project  Management

We exhibit an attentive attitude which considers all the details of your project from Ato Z. Thanks to our amicable terms and fluent dialogs with skilled workers  in the application process, we deliver your projects on time faultlessly.
Our Design Fields

-Housing and  Villa 
-Restaurant and Cafe